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Thu Sep 16 18:09:39 EDT 2004

Gili added:

>I haven't really been following this thread, just popped in, but I noticed
>this exchange:
>>> You can also tell when someone is suppressing a smile, and I believe the
>eyes factor into it.
>A psychologist who has done extensive research on facial expressions,
>emotions, lying and the supression of emotions is Paul Eckman. Eckman has
>charted all possible combinations of facial muscle movements and the
>correlating emotions they express. He has defined some very precise
>distinctions between fake smiles and authentic smiles, and eye muscles
>definitely come into play: eye smiles are harder to fake than mouth smiles,
>and therefore more indicative of the true state of mind.

I still don't reckon this is the actual eyes; it's the facial muscles, and
that's different.

Gazing deep into someone's eyes involves occulist's equipment...

and who was it who pointed out that if there wasn't a dry eye in the house
that was just as well, because a dry eye would be in serious trouble?

As far as I am concerned, in fact, the eyes and the teeth are about as
likely as each other to tell me what someone is thinking or feeling.  How
many teeth I can *see*, yes, sure, that's an expression; but even the most
careful examination of an individual incisor somehow gives me little clue
as to the owner's mental state.  :-)


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