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> I was quite worried, early in F&H,
>> that Tom turning out to be a cellist was going to mean lots of
>> musical faux pas.

>I think I'm right in saying that DWJ has done a bit of celling herself,
>though which came first (that or F&H) I can't remember.

I think she may well have been in the main wossit of the cello-playing in
the mid eighties.  Her spine had pretty-much forced her mostly to give up
by the early nineties, I think, though the cello was still in the house.

> Oh yes, I've just remembered that my
>> one-time astro-phsicist partner read Dogsbody and said it was quite
>> about what we know about zois.
>We know something about zois?? It's quite right of course that Sirius has a
>'companion', Sirius B - and there's even a theory (Robert Temples *The
>Sirius Mystery*, 1976 I think) that this was the source of early alien
>visitors to this planet! I don't know if DWJ knew about the latter, mind.

*Dogsbody*, 1975, so if your date is accurate probably she hadn't read *The
Sirius Mystery* before she wrote it.  Possibly if TSM was subsequently
drawn to her attention she'd've chortled a bit.

I may be being a bit silly, but what evidence for there having been early
alien visitors, or any, to this planet does he adduce?  I was seriously set
against all such by the Chariots gubbins ("how did anybody know what the
human skeleton looked like if they didn't have X-ray machinery" was my
favourite "duh?" moment in those when I was young, but "they wouldn't have
been able to get the ground properly flat for the pyramids' foundations
without Alien Assistance" was fairly high on my "who is this nitwit?" list)
and have since been waiting for anything to show up, ever, anywhere, that
is of provable genuine extra-terrestial origin and isn't just a fragment of


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