AW: Magic as advanced technology

Elizabeth Evans er.evans at
Thu Sep 16 17:20:10 EDT 2004

Philip wrote

> Another way the eyeballs show emotion (thinking at the keyboard, here,
> always dangerous!) is that people flick their vision briefly in other
> directions.  The direction, frequency and angle of flick probably
> contain a lot of clues.  ISTR reading somewhere, I think a work of
fiction, in
> which a character flicked his eyes upwards when telling the truth and
> downwards when lying.  Or something.

And Otter said:
IIRC, people look up to the left when doing one and up to the right when
doing the other.  It has to do with which part of the brain is being

You know, this is true. I flicked my eyes to the left and immediately felt
dishonest, and then I flicked my eyes to the right and felt honest!

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