Digest V1 #880 then Why I love DWJ

Charles Butler hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Thu Sep 16 14:32:40 EDT 2004


 I was quite worried, early in F&H,
> that Tom turning out to be a cellist was going to mean lots of
> musical faux pas.

I think I'm right in saying that DWJ has done a bit of celling herself,
though which came first (that or F&H) I can't remember.

 Oh yes, I've just remembered that my
> one-time astro-phsicist partner read Dogsbody and said it was quite
> about what we know about zois.

We know something about zois?? It's quite right of course that Sirius has a
'companion', Sirius B - and there's even a theory (Robert Temples *The
Sirius Mystery*, 1976 I think) that this was the source of early alien
visitors to this planet! I don't know if DWJ knew about the latter, mind.


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