Introduction and then to Fire & Hemlock

Ven vendersleighc at
Thu Sep 16 14:11:57 EDT 2004

Beck introduced herself

<I've been lurking in an odd way, reading the
digests from the very beginning
as well as the current ones - well, the beginning
of what's online, that is:
did you start before 1999?

Hi Beck and welcome. Where are you finding the
online digests? I've only got the archives by
date/thread/author bookmarked.

<But it struck me that this is exactly what
happens in F&H. Tom and Polly win
his freedom, and Laurel disappears with some last
nasty comment, and then -
going one step further than the ballad - they're
left there, bruised and
dripping, trying to puzzle it out and work out
whether they really *have* won. 

Well, that's quite enough for a newbie, I think.
Does anyone think there's anything in this?>

As Hallie said "No" and "Yes". I'm rather fond of
quoting Delany's "Endings to be useful should be
inconclusive" (one of Katin's journal entiries in
Nova iirc). The kind of book that doesn't tie
everything up in a neat bow at the end is the
kind of book you go on thinking about and that's
the best kind in my opinion. 


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