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Thu Sep 16 08:09:10 EDT 2004


>I would agree that most of the other emotion is shown by parts of the face
>around the eyes, rather than the eyeballs themselves.  I think the main
>exception is that when you look at someone you like, your pupils dilate.
>But this _doesn't_ extend to the sort of stuff that goes on in Larry Niven's
>"A Present from Earth"!
>Another way the eyeballs show emotion (thinking at the keyboard, here,
>always dangerous!) is that people flick their vision briefly in other
>directions.  The direction, frequency and angle of flick probably contain a
>lot of clues.  ISTR reading somewhere, I think a work of fiction, in which a
>character flicked his eyes upwards when telling the truth and downwards when
>lying.  Or something.

Recently finished _Milo's Wolves_, by Jenny Nimmo (not impressed, 
btw!), and she had a character whose eyes went bright green when he 
was lying.  It was just one of many things which didn't work for me.

Sliding slightly around on the subject, wasn't there research showing 
that kids had more ability to read emotions from faces before and 
after puberty?  I think the finding was interpreted as explaining 
some of the clueless behaviour that went on during those years!


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