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Ven wrote:

>Phillip mentioned Gillian Bradshaw. I've just
>rediscovered her, The Wolf Hunt is, indeed,
>excellent, also Cleopatra's heir about her son
>with Julius Caesar, Caesarion.


I cannot think that this is an ideal name for a
hero.  It brought me out in giggles.

DWJ's comment has just been "I don't BELIEVE it!
Aileron also ran!"

And whilst we were on the phone I threw her the
question I wasn't able to answer without asking

She says the thing that really pissed her off in
*Declare* was that everyone was able to get all
the alcoholic drink they wanted, all war, and it
Just Was Not So, though everyone very much wished
it had been.  And the blackout not being in force.

Putting the Botanical Gardens in Broad Street was
just careless, she says, but those two were very
annoying because everything would have been much
less awful if there had been drown-the-sorrows
available, and if people hadn't kept falling off
the edges of kerbs and spraining their ankles and
such-like small but maddening accidents caused by
having to blunder about in the dark all the time.
Not to mention that keeping any light from showing
as one opened the door, and checking the windows
before one could turn the light on in any room,
was a constant preoccupation, and odious jacks-in-
office coming and telling you there was a chink
of light showing from your house and lecturing
you as if you *wanted* to be bombed and had done
it on purpose...


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