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Thu Sep 16 07:33:13 EDT 2004

I wrote:
>> An awful lot of people in fiction have a wonderful
>> way of being able to
>> read not just facial expressions but the *eyes* of
>> those with whom they are
>> conversing.  Does that really happen all that much
>> in real life, short of
>> the person being "read" bursting into tears?

and Jon replied:

>I seem to recall reading that a psychologist had done
>research on this and concluded that in reality people
>can read virtually no emotions from the eyes alone.

I find this vastly reassuring, because I have never
been able to and having read a lot of books in my time
I had reluctantly come to the conclusion that I was a
total failure in this field and I must be some sort of
Freak if everyone else could do it.

Bits *round* the eyes, muscles and crinkled edges and
things, yes, but eyes themselves just seem to me to be
moist and they are *not* "wells of the soul" or other
such, they are about as revealing of feeling as a bit
of skin just above the elbow would be taken on its own.

Thanks, Jon!


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