Historical Fantasy

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Wed Sep 15 23:15:59 EDT 2004

><Enough said on the subject to establish what a wonderfully well-read
>list this is, but I don't *think* anybody has mentioned Judith Merkle
>Riley's _A Vision of Light_ and _In Pursuit of the Green Lion_, although
>I suppose a fully believing Christian who accepts saints and miracles
>could claim that the first isn't fantasy.>
>I only have IPOTGL, what has she written apart from these two?

Glad you asked that. She has written:

The Serpent Garden
The Oracle Glass
The Master of All Desires
and a third book on Margaret, of Vision of Light and In Pursuit of the Green 
Lion - but as far as I know it has only been published in Germany, in 
German.  Lucky people!

I almost wrote that The Oracle Glass is my favorite, but it is too 
impossible to choose.

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