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Wed Sep 15 22:55:30 EDT 2004

--- Jon Noble <jon_p_noble at> wrote:

> --- minnow at wrote:
> > An awful lot of people in fiction have a wonderful
> > way of being able to
> > read not just facial expressions but the *eyes* of
> > those with whom they are
> > conversing.  Does that really happen all that much
> > in real life, short of
> > the person being "read" bursting into tears? 
> >
> I seem to recall reading that a psychologist had
> done
> research on this and concluded that in reality
> people
> can read virtually no emotions from the eyes alone.
> Jon
Having just done a bit more research on this, it would
seem that the eyes alone do convey significant
indications of emotion, although these are often not
consciously noted by viewers. Professional
interrogators can often tell if a person is lying
though features such as eye muscles.


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