Historical Fantasy

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 15 21:07:07 EDT 2004

Margaret complained

<Darn, I wish you Brits didn't all chat in the 
middle of the night here, 
I'm always coming in on the tail end of a 
wonderful discussion.>

I always enjoy the way there are surges of fresh
ideas coming as the posts circle around the
world, Europe and Israel, the Americas, Australia
and New Zealand, rinse and repeat. 
<Enough said on the subject to establish what a 
wonderfully well-read 
list this is, but I don't *think* anybody has 
mentioned Judith Merkle 
Riley's _A Vision of Light_ and _In Pursuit of 
the Green Lion_, although 
I suppose a fully believing Christian who accepts

saints and miracles 
could claim that the first isn't fantasy.>

I only have IPOTGL, what has she written apart
from these two? And I guess you are too modest to
mention your own books, Changeweaver, Flameweaver
and No Earthly Sunne for three fine examples ;-).

<Which reminded me of Barbara Hambly's novels 
where the Nazi magicians
manage to summon a (more powerful) mage from a 
different world. I forget
what *they're* called, unfortunately (there's two

of them, though I'm not
sure whether the Nazis show up till the second 
book, and they're a cracking good read).>

They are too! It's Sun-Cross comprising The
Rainbow Abyss(no Nazis)  and The Magicians of
Night (Nazis). There are only two other fantasies
I know of that tackle Nazis and the second World
War -- Lisa Goldstein's Red Magician and Jane
Yolen's Briar Rose. Three others, including the
aforementioned Declare of course.

Phillip mentioned Gillian Bradshaw. I've just
rediscovered her, The Wolf Hunt is, indeed,
excellent, also Cleopatra's heir about her son
with Julius Caesar, Caesarion. 


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