The Grand Tour (Was rE: Historical Fantasy)

mecha godscylla mechagodscylla at
Wed Sep 15 20:35:48 EDT 2004

Sorry Elizabeth - I did like The Grand Tour.  I had fun reading it and I 
would read it again. And I've got it in hardcover after all.  What could 
speak of commitment more than that?  There was nothing that really bothered 
me about it, though I sort of felt as if there could be 'more.'  More 
development of the baddies, I think I mean. More detail and focus on the 
villains would have been satisfying.  But I did like the ideas they put in 
it.  I'd read a third, if they pursued the project.

Elizabeth wrote:
>I forwarded this announcement to my sister, and this is her response:
>And? And? Good? Bad? Well?
>(In other words, Did you like it?)
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