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Oh yes, one thing my husband said was that Powers got the rockets wrong, 
though I forget how. Something was bombarding London that should not have 
been at that time, and also making the wrong noise or lack of noise. To Mr. 
mecha., a life-long devotee of WWII history, an extremely jarring blooper.

But still, some very fun ideas in that book.

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> >>_Declare_. But I'm ashamed to say I haven't read it yet, so I don't
> >>know if it counts.
> >It does, but I dare say no more because it would be spoiling.
>obDWJ, unless there has been one since that everyone is talking about, she
>read *Declare* for the World Fantasy Awards at the point when she was being
>a judge, and was very put out because he has the streets in Oxford wrong,
>or the wrong colleges on the wrong streets, or something: she reckoned that
>there must surely be a streetmap of Oxford on-line and he could have
>checked.  She also said with feeling that it was very obvious to anyone
>who'd lived through the war that he *hadn't*; but she didn't exactly say
>why.  Something about the blackout, I think, among other things.  Anyone
>have any ideas?
>Minnow (who hasn't read it either)
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