Historical Fantasy

Chris R sfa_ok2001 at yahoo.co.uk
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I don't think anyone's mentioned Freedom and Necessity
(Steven Brust/Emma Bull) yet - that's another
epistolary historical fantasy, although in an entirely
different vein from Sorcery and Cecelia. And the magic
is so peripheral that I blinked and almost missed it.

waiting with bated breath to be lent the sequel to
Sorcery and Cecelia

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> apm at alumni.uwaterloo.ca writes:
> I have a vague memory of a book called Mairelon the
> Magician, by
> Patricia C. Wrede, which was set in Regency-era
> England.  But I
> read it so long ago now, I can't be sure. Does
> anyone else know
> this book ?
> Yep! This one would work as an example of this
> historical era fantasy thing. 
> As you said, it is set in Regency-era England where
> everything is the same but 
> magic actually excists (it is not very well known
> though). The sequel to it 
> is The Magician's Ward. I think people already
> mentioned this one but Sorcery 
> and Cecila (by Wrede and Caroline Stevermer-author
> of another book already 
> mentioned:College of Magics) fits the description
> very well. It is very good by 
> the way, and the way they wrote it is cool too. They
> played "the letter game" in 
> which two people make up characters who are writing
> to each other and the 
> first person decides a setting. Then the two people
> just go at it, without 
> discussing the plot with each other or anything
> (having both of the coorespondants 
> being writers probably made it easier to keep the
> plot going along). Wrede says 
> in the little author's note in the back, "As the
> opener of the letter 
> exchange, I was responsible for choosing a setting,
> as well as for defining my own 
> character. I decided on England just after the
> Napoleonic Wars, in an alternate 
> universe in which magic really worked, just to spice
> things up a little. I 
> knew Caroline shared my interest in both subjects,
> and I figured we would have a 
> lot of fun working out a more detailed background as
> we went along. Little did 
> I know what was in store!" 
> -Jordan

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