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I have a vague memory of a book called Mairelon the Magician, by
Patricia C. Wrede, which was set in Regency-era England.  But I
read it so long ago now, I can't be sure. Does anyone else know
this book ?
Yep! This one would work as an example of this historical era fantasy thing. 
As you said, it is set in Regency-era England where everything is the same but 
magic actually excists (it is not very well known though). The sequel to it 
is The Magician's Ward. I think people already mentioned this one but Sorcery 
and Cecila (by Wrede and Caroline Stevermer-author of another book already 
mentioned:College of Magics) fits the description very well. It is very good by 
the way, and the way they wrote it is cool too. They played "the letter game" in 
which two people make up characters who are writing to each other and the 
first person decides a setting. Then the two people just go at it, without 
discussing the plot with each other or anything (having both of the coorespondants 
being writers probably made it easier to keep the plot going along). Wrede says 
in the little author's note in the back, "As the opener of the letter 
exchange, I was responsible for choosing a setting, as well as for defining my own 
character. I decided on England just after the Napoleonic Wars, in an alternate 
universe in which magic really worked, just to spice things up a little. I 
knew Caroline shared my interest in both subjects, and I figured we would have a 
lot of fun working out a more detailed background as we went along. Little did 
I know what was in store!" 

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