looking for songs (lit)

Beck Laxton blaxton at zentropypartners.com
Wed Sep 15 14:04:02 EDT 2004

Deborah mentioned

> Other cast: Marian had masses of rippling red curls, as I recall.

Oooooooh, yes. Waist-length, red, and very curly. The actor's name was Judi
Trott, and I've never seen her in anything else before or since. It's still
the hair I would choose if I was allowed to have someone else's instead of
mine. (Short. Straight. Brown.)

And Deborah, can I just say thank you very very much not just for this list
but also for the DWJ website, which gave me the first inkling ever that I
Was Not Alone? I can still remember the surge of excitement when I first
found it, years ago. 


Beck Laxton
London and Cambridge
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