Historical Fantasy

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Wed Sep 15 13:40:12 EDT 2004

on 15.9.2004 12:31, liril at gmx.net at liril at gmx.net wrote:

> Aren't there clearer examples? And has anyone read "Jonathan Strange"?

Other people have already listed lots of examples of other historical
fantasy books, so I won't go there. I have, however, read little over 20
chapters of _Jonathan Strange_ last year and have been eagerly waiting for
the book to be published so that I can read the rest as well :).

It's been over a year since I read the excerpt, but from what I can
remember, it's set in an alternate world where magic works at about the time
of the Napoleonic wars. The writing was reminiscent of both Dickens and
Austen from what I can recall and the premise of the book was very
interesting. There were magicians, though magic was thought to have
disappeared from the world, and faerie was also involved in the story
somehow. Sorry to be so unclear, but as I said, it's been some time since I
read the text.


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