Historical Fantasy

Roger Burton West roger at firedrake.org
Wed Sep 15 11:18:41 EDT 2004

On Wed, Sep 15, 2004 at 11:31:34AM +0200, liril at gmx.net wrote:

>So, if I define "historical fiction" as stories taking place in a
>recognizable past (mentioning some historical events, or taking care to
>describe a cerain era), what titles with fantasy elements can we find?

Another author who occurs to me with some force is Katherine Kurtz; her
_Lammas Night_ is set in World War II, and _Two Crowns for America_ is
set during the American Revolution.

Also, Barbara Hambly's _The Magicians of Night_ deals with a
fantasy-world wizard thrown into the magical dealings of the Third

The Norton/Edghill _Carolus Rex_ series is an alternate-history setting,
but recognisably Regency. Several of Norton's solo works have historical
settings, with greater or lesser degrees of magic.
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