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I watched a programm about new books on sunday, among the featured works was
"Jonathan Stange and Mr. Norell" by Susanna Clarke. The presenter said,
Clarke had done something new and unique by combinig historical fiction and
fantasy "like LotR written by Jane Austen". 

Apart from that being a very very strange metaphor, I thought sponatously:
That's not true, that has been done before. But somehow I've got
difficulties finding examples - the frist idea was ObDWJ: In a sudden wild
Magic it is mentioned that British magic users helped destroy the Spanish
Armada. But as the story isn't really told, it doesn't count for my

So, if I define "historical fiction" as stories taking place in a
recognizable past (mentioning some historical events, or taking care to
describe a cerain era), what titles with fantasy elements can we find?

At the first glance many Arthurian novels with dragons and real magic might
qualify, e.g. Mists of Avalon. But then, they do not really have a
"recognizable past" - or did the new movie finally discover the truth behind
the Arthurian legend? ;-) So they might be considered too much on the
fantasy side.

I'm afraid the best I can come up with are Vampire novels, some Buffyverse
novels about Angel's and Spike's history. In this case, the definition of
"fantasy" would have to encompass "horror" as well.

Aren't there clearer examples? And has anyone read "Jonathan Strange"?


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