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Fri Sep 10 02:29:01 EDT 2004

> Although, I wouldn't expect the publisher (any publisher for that matter,
> not just the Asimov magazine) would put it on their website; it's just not
> good manners, nor professional behaviour. Whether or not it actually did
> come from their slushpile--as I say, haven't a clue.

No-one seemed to have a problem taking Jim Theis' entire novel... it was
rejected for glaringly obvious reasons, but has now been widely read (it
is a classic of turkey readings at cons, and has spawned drinking games).

A few anonymous snippets would be perfectly acceptable as part of a
submissions page (what to do/what not to do). The SF genre is famously
acerbic; while other fields may have the Bulwer-Lytton

NESFA archives a number of recursive slushpile stories.

There's a slight variant of the list you forwarded at
(350 degree soybean oil bath, anyone?)

and another variant here

We first had this provenance fight in OUSFG in 1993, when this newsletter
cited the list... and Dave Clements just stumbled across it in e-space,
as well. (I think our Context and Burroughs Workshop bits are better ;-)  )
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