Howl at Venice/Studio Ghibli

Tanaqui Weaver cen at
Fri Sep 10 01:33:44 EDT 2004

> DWJ also recommends *Kiki's Delivery Service*, which I haven't seen and so
> can't comment on.  And *everyone* seems to like *Laputa*, which I also have
> on my "when I get a chance" list of films to see.

Doesn't DWJ have at least one Jiji stuffie, as a gift from Ghibli?
There's a big dub/sub difference with "Kiki" - the Disney version has a
lot of extempore wisecracks from Jiji/voice actor Phil Hartman. (Also,
Osono actually speaks and the hitch-hiking is given a rationalisation).

_Laputa_ is rather slight on plot. I thought "Kiki" & "Totoro" were the
flagship films.

And be careful, new converts: _Grave of the Fireflies_ will make even
someone with a heart dried by a bonded fire-demon cry profusely. Two
Japanese kid-sibs don't do too well in the Second World War... (litotes)

I'm sure it's been recommended on a previous occasion, but
is the definitve fan website (more informative than the official Ghibli one)

I have all the Ghibli films (but not all its pieces... still looking for
some TV spots). 

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