Howl at Venice

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>Here's a link to another review.


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>> Here is another story about it:

But isn't that the same link?

Is it the same review as the one by Shasta Darlington at

(if that's how one gets to that one)?

That mentions that there is a need (in the film) for them to be freed from
'witchcraft and from incessant bombing and war.'

DWJ's comment is that she and Miyazaki both lived through WW2 (though he is
seven years younger), and chances are they are both coming to terms with
this, even now, and that this is almost certainly going to be in their work
somewhere, but apart from *The Homeward Bounders* and *A Tlae of Time City*
she thinks she has tended to keep actual warfare very much "between books".

I must say that I don't remember any incessant bombing (or even any bombing
at all) in the book about Howl's moving castle.


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