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Sun Sep 5 15:12:10 EDT 2004

Jill wrote:

>I was just browsing the listings at Amazon and saw DWJ's new book listed,
>Conrad's Fate.  At first I thought I had missed one of her earlier books
>until I saw the release date of April 2005.

The bound page proofs are in DWJ's house at this moment, and it is going to
take it another seven months to hit the shops.  Aaaargh. The wheels seem to
be grinding so slowly this time that one can count the molecules in 'em as
they turn.

I don't know why.  DWJ doesn't know why.  She says her editor doesn't know
why. The rumour is that this is something to do with saving money; but if
you save money by not producing something to sell, you aren't making money
either, so that seems a bit strange.

I would have thought that the time to bring out a new DWJ book would be
just after the film of *Howl* goes on general release, to cash in on the
comment there is sure to be in the press about that.  Goodness knows, it
has been *months* since Conrad was finished.

Anyone who wants to put into their mind an image of DWJ champing on a bit
and pawing the earth with her hoofs, it would justabout fit the case.


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