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On Sat, 4 Sep 2004, Charles Butler wrote:
|*Robin of Sherwood* lives in my mind with the slightly earlier *The Boy
|Merlin* and the much earlier *Arthur of the Britons* as belonging to a
|special class of low-budget-but-extremely-atmospheric woodland romp. (If I
|remember rightly Arthur only had two followers - a blond Saxon one (yes!)
|and fat older one.) Did any of these get shown outside the UK?

I was in love with RobinOS, though even at the time I knew it was bad.
They were two different actors who played Robin, Michael Praed, and
Jason Connery (son of Sean).  They took on two of the legendary personae
of Robin: Praed played the human unjustly tossed from his land, and
Connery played the son of the Earl of Huntington fighting for truth,
justice, and the Sherwood Way.

Other cast: Marian had masses of rippling red curls, as I recall.
Little John was about what you'd expect, as were Friar Tuck and Much.
Will Scarlet was played as something of a thug (I had a massive crush on
him).  There was also Nasir, the random Saracen outlaw of Sherwood.

Herne the Forest God, played by an actor with a deer head strapped on,
made occasional appearances

I never metadiscourse I didn't like.

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