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Aimee Smith s4028253 at student.uq.edu.au
Fri Sep 3 22:47:51 EDT 2004

What complex webs of misunderstanding language can weave between people!
Appologies all for the confusion, I had no idea 'cool' was as old as all
*that* ...Glad I learned something though!
Did it have a recession, then? Or is it constantly 'new'?
Wonder what else behaves like this...
Miss Mary Mac hand-clap games, I suppose, for one...

> >Well, of course. I was being dishonest to the extent that I knew
> >perfectly well that "cool" was the word you had in mind, but I really
> >don't see anything age-specific about it. It's been in use for decades
> >- in fact, if anything, I think of it as *old* slang: when you said
> >you were giving away your age, it never occurred to me that you really
> >meant you were giving away your *youth*.
> I was being disingenuous, because the response I was expecting to
> pre-empting 'cool' for yoof was someone in each decade of life to protest
> that 'cool' had been around as long as s/he had...
> Though my father quite seriously asked once what 'cool' meant, and having
> been carefully told, said, "Ah, so when you say cool you mean what people
> my age used to mean when we said hot."
> He does it to annoy, because he knows it teases.
> Minnow

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