looking for songs and random look-alike

Aimee Smith s4028253 at student.uq.edu.au
Thu Sep 2 08:04:17 EDT 2004

(Ponders briefly and wonders whether, if it wasn't obvious, whether she
should give herself away...)

Spot on, Minnow! 'Cool' was the word (the other option was 'awesome' though
I thought that a little strong for my purposes), I thought 'cool' was age
specific, as everyone I knew growing up in the 90s used it. A lot. As their
parents, who apparently grew up when it was first(?) used, rolled their eyes
and winced. Similar reaction when my father hears one of his daughters refer
to a female as a 'chick', or express an interest in Abba.

Funny, he didn't protest about us all inheriting his love of science

Aimee, who was 20 in March.
(Who thanks to Dad is a Trekkie and despite Dad is an Abba fan).

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