looking for songs (vaguely on topic, really)

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 1 13:29:14 EDT 2004

More songs:

Saviour Machine David Bowie, from the "Man who
Sold the World" album. Apparently referencing
Isaac Asimov's multivac. The title track alos
sounds SF inspired, any ideas?

Another Cure reference "The drowning man"
inspired by Mervyn Peake's Fuschia.
>From this french interview 


Robert Smith : Fuschia was my dream. This idea of
infinite, of unreal, of dying innocence
(silence)... At that time I was 
considering myself as her, as a victim. Now my
fascination transmuted into anger. I want to
shake her, to put her 
out of her contemplative passivity. But all of
this is question of age. It's normal, as a
teenager, to love this idea of 
being a victim, the whole world is against me, no
one understands me, except my books. Lots of my
reading connected with that. It's been after
"Pornography" that I decided to change, after the
no return point. This change 
has been radical, but it's been vital. 

Judith couldn't 
<BELIEVE Charlotte Sometimes didn't immediately
spring to mind. (Penelope Farmer was
not best pleased about it either!> 

What didn't she like about it?

Oh and I stand corrected about Little Tin Soldier
WRITTEN by Donovan RECORDED by the Small Faces.


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