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Wed Sep 1 13:11:25 EDT 2004

Speaking of Rewards and Fairies, I've been trying to track down a copy of the 
lyrics of this. (So far no luck. I know I've read them tucked in between two 
chapters of a book, but it wasn't either of Kipling's Puck books, and beyond 
that I'm stumped.)

A Google search on the opening phrase "Farewell Rewards and Faries" got me a 
hit on a very etrudite article regarding it, in which the author goes into the 
social significance of the fact that the poet who wrote it (Robert Corbett. 
The poem is dated 1628) directed that it be sung to either of two different 
melodies, acording to the social class of the singer!

Which, interesting as that is, does not overshadow the significance, to me 
that the bloody thing was to all intents and purposes a filk!
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