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Dorian E. Gray israfel at
Fri Oct 29 16:40:54 EDT 2004

Aimee explained...

> Lemon butter is - well, you can buy it in bottles as a condiment for use
> on bread, but Nanna used to make it with the consistency of custard - like
> a runny paste. You can taste the sugar but the lemon zings it up quite a
> If you want the recipe I can ask my Mum. I think it tastes a bit like

That sounds to me a bit like lemon curd, which I make now and then - it
involves melting lemon juice, butter and sugar together and binding with
eggs.  Very nice, and not difficult or lengthy to construct.  (Recipe
available on request.)

You can eat it on bread or toast if you're so inclined, or (better, in my
view), spread it on scones or shortbread, possibly with cream if you're
being really decadent. :-)


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