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deborah.dwj at suberic.net deborah.dwj at suberic.net
Thu Oct 28 00:24:36 EDT 2004

I'm trying desperately to find a way to make this on topic.  I'd like to
explain my greater-than-usual, can't just be explained by the US
elections, distraction.

But I'm not sure I can.  Let me try.

You know how much time passes in Homeward Bounders?
Time of the Ghost?
Tale of Time City?

All those eras?

86 years is longer.  Trust me.

    A curse obeys the same laws as everything else.  It contains the
    seeds of its own decay.

                        -- Power of Three

Friends, rejoice with us.

Let me remember this, please, when everything else
goes let me remember a goddess laughing after love.
		-- _The Folk of the Air_

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