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> I'm not sure what would necessarily go in it, but I'm so enjoying the  
> idea of "The Nine Ferrets Song" being sung all over the world that I  
> thought it would be great to do more.

I'm sorry to have dropped out of sight on the list just when everyone was 
being so complimentary. It's VERY pleasant to think that one has made so many 
people laugh. But really the whole genius of the song is in the original phrase 
-- all I did was give it a boot into the air, as it were. 

I do like the idea of there being some DWJ filk, though as Minnow said, the 
nine ferrets song doesn't really count as such. You could put it in the 
introduction or something, if the others all did end up being more DWJ-related, as 
the thing that made you think of having a book.

Anyway, I'd like to see any musical suggestions. My own image of the song was 
originally of one of those totally tuneless things (like truly bad country 
and western singing) where you couldn't possibly pick it out on the piano 
afterwards, because it wasn't sung to any actual notes, so I'm curious to see how it 
sounds with a proper tune.

Helen Schinske
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