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Abe Gross argross at bigpond.net.au
Tue Oct 19 08:39:08 EDT 2004

> >Has anyone yet read _The Star of Kazan_ by Eva Ibbotson or _The Golem's
> >Eye_ by Jonathan Stroud (sequel to _The Amulet of Samarkand_ )?
> I have
> read The Golem's Eye by Stroud.  I actually enjoyed it more than the
>  The humor was similar in style, perhaps slightly less sharp if only
> I was less surprised by the style than in the first book.  However, the
> is now split between three characters, one of which is actually a
> protagonist.  This added character really cemented my enjoyment of the
> I liked the fact that the first book played with the readers desire to
> identify with the main characters, but failed to give them many good
> to do so.  But, it is so much more comfortable to read a book with a truly
> sympathetic protagonist.  And getting to have it both ways is lovely.
> Hmm, I hope that that brief review made sense.  Bottom line?  I liked it,
> I recommend it

Thanks for the brief review! I ended up buying it, because I'd enjoyed _The
Amulet of Smarkand_ so much, and am now about two-thirds of the way through.
I'm *thoroughly* enjoying it--perhaps even more than Amulet.


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