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Tue Oct 12 10:48:14 EDT 2004

>Has anyone yet read _The Star of Kazan_ by Eva Ibbotson or _The Golem's 

>Eye_ by Jonathan Stroud (sequel to _The Amulet of Samarkand_ )?

I have
read The Golem's Eye by Stroud.  I actually enjoyed it more than the first.
 The humor was similar in style, perhaps slightly less sharp if only because
I was less surprised by the style than in the first book.  However, the focus
is now split between three characters, one of which is actually a sympathetic
protagonist.  This added character really cemented my enjoyment of the book.

I liked the fact that the first book played with the readers desire to
identify with the main characters, but failed to give them many good reasons
to do so.  But, it is so much more comfortable to read a book with a truly
sympathetic protagonist.  And getting to have it both ways is lovely. 

Hmm, I hope that that brief review made sense.  Bottom line?  I liked it,
I recommend it
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