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Mon Oct 11 05:47:38 EDT 2004

> On 8/10/04 9:28 PM, "Abe Gross" <argross at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
> >
> >   Has anyone yet read _The Star of Kazan_ by Eva Ibbotson or _The
Golem's Eye_
> > by Jonathan Stroud (sequel to _The Amulet of Samarkand_ )?
> I am about half way through Star of Kazan and like Hallie, I am thoroughly
> enjoying it, even more so than Journey to the River Sea, which I thought
> marvellous.

Sounds increasingly like something I need to read soon...

> >   I've also been wondering about a book I've seen called _The Moth
Diary_ by
> > Rachel Klein, which sounds most intriguing...has anyone read it?
> >
> I was disappointed in this; it's very literary and very "mysterious" but
> ultimately I found the ending to be unsatisfactory. Others I know who have
> read it disagree; they were very happy with the way it ends, so it may be
> strong case of taste! (I don't dislike open-ended books, but this one was
> too inconclusive in all the possibilities it presents for my taste.)
> Judith

It sounds as though the blurb gives far too much away, since it poses the
basic dilemma of the book you're hinting at. I already have more than an
inkling of what those possibilities you describe are just from the blurb.
That really annoys me! That, and book reviews that give away too much (or
that tell you the whole plot in long, boring fact-filled paragraphs.)
Anyway, thanks for this, Judith. If I read it I'll let you know what I


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