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>Has anyone yet read _The Star of Kazan_ by Eva Ibbotson or _The 
>Golem's Eye_ by Jonathan Stroud (sequel to _The Amulet of Samarkand_ 
>I haven't, but I just saw both of these in the bookshops and 
>wondered if the Stroud book was as good as its predecessor, and what 
>this particluar Ibbotson was like.

I haven't read _The Golem's Eye_  yet, but have read _The Star of 
Kazan_.  It surprised me at first, as I'd only read Ibbotson's 
children's fantasies up until then, and it's not that kind of 
fantasy.  I really enjoyed it - loved the atmospheric early 20th 
century Vienna setting (and the German part also), and thought the 
characters were wonderful.  You have to be prepared for an almost 
fairy-tale or possibly older children's books style though - but I 
don't want to explain that too much as it might spoil things.

Don't know if Philip's read it yet and can add an opinion?

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