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Thu Oct 7 06:04:37 EDT 2004

widdy suggested:

>So, I've had this bizarre notion that we should put together a DWJ list

Synchronicity!  I had the same idea, looked at it, and thought "there are
no DWJ filks" and started to wonder why not.  I haven't written any because
nothing has bounced out and demanded to be written.

>I'm not sure what would necessarily go in it, but I'm so enjoying the
>idea of "The Nine Ferrets Song" being sung all over the world that I
>thought it would be great to do more.

An earnest plea: don't anyone feel challenged by this and start to write
things because they want to write a DWJ song.  That way lies an awful lot
of dross.  This sort of thing has to happen almost-by-accident or it
doesn't work.  I mean, how much is the Nine Ferrets Song anything to do
with DWJ?  Not a lot, except that it was written as a result of an OT post
on this list, if we're honest.  It was an inspired moment of Helen's, and
those are a seldom thing (I don't mean that Helen doesn't get inspired
often, I mean those moments are rare, no offence intended in any
direction).  And if we tried to make it DWJ by putting in things from her
work into subsequent verses I'm fairly sure it wouldn't be a success.

>Anyone have ideas of what might be included? Has anyone written any
>lyrics about DWJ characters or plots that we could set to music? Are
>there songs that have been brought up on the list that we could

The happy shoe-chewing song of the Caretaker's Dog, someone, please?  Or a
duet for Sirius and the Caretaker's Dog...
(this is not a serious suggestion)

On a slightly serious note, peripheral songs like that often work a whole
heap better than a 47-verse retelling of the plot, especially plots like
DWJ's that have Ramifications.

>I'm happy to be the collector/distributor of all of this . . .

Been there, done that, designed the t-shirt -- not for DWJ -- and you have
my hat off to you.  It's thankless as a rule, and whatever you do will be
wrong according to at least some people who will not hesitate to say so
loud and clear to each other but not to you.

>Your thoughts?

Good luck, and if any lyric does occur to me I'll throw it into the ring,
but it hasn't in some decades and may not now.


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