AW: DWJ list songbook

Belben Philip Philip.Belben at
Thu Oct 7 04:55:18 EDT 2004

Widdy suggested:

> So, I've had this bizarre notion that we should put together a DWJ list
> songbook. 
> I'm not sure what would necessarily go in it, but I'm so enjoying the
> idea of "The Nine Ferrets Song" being sung all over the world that I
> thought it would be great to do more. 
> Anyone have ideas of what might be included? Has anyone written any
> lyrics about DWJ characters or plots that we could set to music? Are
> there songs that have been brought up on the list that we could collect. 
> I'm happy to be the collector/distributor of all of this . . . 

Wow!  I think it's an excellent idea!

I've done settings of Tanith Lee and Fritz Leiber, but no DWJ (except a tune
for the Angel of Caprona, which went in the birthday scrapbook).  I'm happy
to have a go at setting any DWJ filk lyrics that people write.  Or perhaps
one could filk some existing songs.

Hmm.  I wonder what the Hymn to the One is like, that's traditionally sung
in the lawschool chapel...

Hey!  Someone please write the words to "Undying at Midsummer"!

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