Translation and inundation (was RE: Guy Gavriel Kay)

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Mon Oct 4 09:05:10 EDT 2004

> Well, you're Good, no?  So you can rub your hands and look smug.  :-)

Well, exactly:-)

> The exception is probably first-book-authors, who would like to be
> reassured that people loved their work, at a guess.

It's not wanting to know that people loved the work; it's wanting an
acknowledgement that someone read and understood (shared) it. Parents-
compare. You are drinking tea with an acquaintance. Your daughter comes
dashing in. You DON'T necessarily want your guest to go into raptures about
the child, but you DO want him or her to smile, speak or otherwise validate
the fact that you created this person and that it is good.

OK, it's not a good analogy in most ways...

Sallyo (retreating...)

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