Translation and inundation (was RE: Guy Gavriel Kay)

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Mon Oct 4 08:55:13 EDT 2004

Gili replied to my rejoicing comment:

>> I'm so glad for you that you are getting to do a DWJ translation: Hurrah!
>> :-)))  I'm sure she'll be delighted, if she hasn't already been told and
>> is being it already.  May I say?
>I'd be rather surprised if she has been told, I don't think this is the sort
>of information that is typically passed on, as in most cases the
>translator's name wouldn't say much to the author anyway... So yes, please
>do tell her!

She hadn't been and she says "Oh, how nice!  Terrific, in fact.  That's a
good thing to be told on the day I am sash-window-wrestling!"

Some crot has made a mess of repairing and repainting the sash windows on
the weather wall of her house, and last night one of them wouldn't shut,
the one in the sitting-room.  Wind and weather roaring through the room,
pity the poor piano in their path, shutters shattering barricades of books,
and her husband, as she remarked ruefully, rendered Epic in his language
and positively Anglo-Saxon in his use of epithet.  He gave himself a hernia
trying to get the damn' thing shut, so she felt he could use any language
he chose to indulge in without impropriety.

By which one may gather that she is now able to laugh about yet *another*
Inundation, though this one, involving a new carpet, is slightly less
amusing than the kitchen lino being flooded by the dishwasher, though less
serious than the blocked gutter that flooded their bedroom in the middle of
the night and brought the ceiling down.

>(And aren't I glad now that I didn't ask you to put in a word for me. I got
>the job anyway, on my own merits as translator, regardless of also being a
>die-hard fan...)

Well, you're Good, no?  So you can rub your hands and look smug.  :-)

>Thanks also for your comment on reading/not reading an author's book before
>meeting him/her. You're right, the conversation was pleasant enough anyway,
>and didn't deal much with his books.

The exception is probably first-book-authors, who would like to be
reassured that people loved their work, at a guess.  Or of course told one
will rush out and buy it because they are so interesting themselves (and
one prays it's some good so that one can send a postcard telling them so).


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