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Sun Oct 3 18:19:52 EDT 2004

Gili wrote:

>> Wasn't he the person who helped Christopher Tolkien get the Silmarillion
>> into shape for publication?  That might explain being familiar with the
>> Tolkienesque but not inclined to copy it.
>Ha! Our messages just crossed in the mail.

It does happen.  I haven't read any GGK, so was merely replying to Dorian's
"unTolkien-esque" comment with a possible explanation, same as you, 'cos
his having done that had stuck in my memory for some reason.  It wasn't an
opinion of his work; sorry, not much use to you.

Incidentally, I don't think it's incredibly impolite not to have read the
books of a Famous Author, so long as one doesn't say so too much.  My
experience of going to meals with yeraverage gang of authors is that the
subject that doesn't come up is the books written by the people there,
because they have *done* those, and what they're interested in is the stuff
for the *next* book.  That and subjects that might be related to what
they're interested in for the book-after-that, and books by people who
aren't there but that they enjoyed -- ad why they enjoyed them.

After all, it's ever so much more flattering if they are being liked for
what they are rather than for what they've done, as it were: think how
pleasant to be told "I liked you so much that I'm going to go and read your
work!"  (Unless it's Steve Marley, whose reaction to that was "oh, please
don't, you might not like me so much afterwards" -- which he was wrong
about, but one of the reasons to like him is his modesty.)

>just been hired to translate "Howl's Moving Castle" myself, to coincide with
>the film release in Israel. (See how nonchalantly I slipped that in?)

You'll probably see the film before DWJ does at this rate: they still
haven't told her doodly-squat about when it may appear here, nor offered to
send her a DVD or video of it, and all enquiries about it get directed to
her agent -- who hasn't been told anything either and is tearing her hair

I'm so glad for you that you are getting to do a DWJ translation: Hurrah!
:-)))  I'm sure she'll be delighted, if she hasn't already been told and is
being it already.  May I say?


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