Guy Gavriel Kay

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at
Sun Oct 3 17:22:00 EDT 2004

> Wasn't he the person who helped Christopher Tolkien get the Silmarillion
> into shape for publication?  That might explain being familiar with the
> Tolkienesque but not inclined to copy it.

Ha! Our messages just crossed in the mail.

BTW, Minnow, as non-official DWJlist liason with DWJ: should DWJ show the
LEAST bit of inclination to visit in Israel one of these days, travel jinx
notwithstanding, I now know all the people who could probably make this
happen in a blink of an eye. She would make a fantastic guest of honor for a
future conference. By which time there will most likely be at least four of
her books available in Hebrew: CL and LOCC are already in print, WW I've
been told has already been translated and is due out any day now, and I've
just been hired to translate "Howl's Moving Castle" myself, to coincide with
the film release in Israel. (See how nonchalantly I slipped that in?)


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