Guy Gavriel Kay

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at
Sun Oct 3 17:08:14 EDT 2004

Thanks to all who replied.
Consensus both on and off this list seems to be that "Tigana" is the best to
start with. Wonder if I can get hold of a copy in English and read the whole
thing by tomorrow?
GGK is guest of honor at the "Icon", Israeli sf&f conference being held
today, tomorrow and Tuesday. Not being actually involved in the conference,
I didn't expect to be, well, involved in the conference. But it turns out
that living next door to where the conference is being held and knowing
several key organisers is a form of being involved. I somehow got myself
invited to lunch with the guest of honor without first having the chance to
do my homework. It was a lovely lunch (that is, the company was lovely, the
food was bizarre - I ordered trout with coconut milk and Cheerios because I
couldn't believe this was an actual item on the menu) and the conversation
never stalled, but oh how I WISH I had read his books in advance. I felt
incredibly impolite. What's bound to happen now is that I will only manage
to read the books after he's already left Israel and then I'll feel stupid
for having blown my chance to converse with the author about his books.

Dorian wrote: "... it draws heavily (and fairly knowledgeably) on the same
sources Tolkien used without being very Tolkien-esque"

GGK did acually edit "Silmarillion" together with Christopher Tolkien, I'd
expect him to be something of a Tolkien expert.


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