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Sun Oct 3 16:04:51 EDT 2004

Gili said...

> I've just had lunch with Guy Gavriel Kay, and that humiliating moment came
> when I had to admit I've never read any of his books. He was so utterly
> charming that I so wanted to say "I've read your books and they're
> wonderful", but actually I haven't, so I didn't.  I'm told they're
> and should be read. Is anyone on this list familiar with them? Which
> I start with?

I've read quite a lot of his stuff, and I quite like it.  I *don't* like the
way he does gods; his characters have a tendency to fall over and go
"whatever you say, boss" when gods turn up, which annoys me.  But other than
that, I'm quite fond of his work.

I started with his first trilogy, "The Fionavar Tapestry" - the first book
is "The Summer Tree".  It's a relatively standard "bunch of people from our
world go to fantasy world and save it from Ultimate Evil" series, but it
draws heavily (and fairly knowledgeably) on the same sources Tolkien used
without being very Tolkien-esque.  I still reread it from time to time.

I liked "Tigana" and "A Song for Arbonne" too (both stand-alone books), but
wasn't impressed with the first book of the "Sarantium" trilogy.



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