Two different books

minnow at minnow at
Mon Nov 29 14:40:09 EST 2004

Alison Hendon was confused:

>Re: "Minnow on the Say:

and also a different book, called *"Minnow" Vail*.

I was replying to Jill's:

>Minnow - Every time I see your name, I'm reminded of a book I once read.
>I finally found it!  Have you heard of "MINNOW" VAIL by Winifred E. Wise?

when I mentioned the book *Minnow on the Say* by Philippa Pearce, and she
replied telling me about *"Minnow" Vail*, not *Minnow on the Say*.

So you need not worry that we think that *Minnow on the Say* has anything
to do with a picture of a mermaid: that's the other Minnow-book.


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