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Hendon, Alison A.Hendon at BrooklynPublicLibrary.org
Mon Nov 29 12:29:32 EST 2004

Re: "Minnow on the Say:
Minnow wrote:
No -- is it good?  I have a copy of *Minnow on the Say*, which was a =
I looked at with Grave Suspicion as a child.  :-)

and Jill answered:
I read it so long ago that I cannot remember.  It certainly wasn't a =
book that I was inclined to reread.  Glancing through it, the text =
reminds me of lines from Gidget.

It was published in 1962 by Whitman publishers.  On the spine, it reads: =
 "A Whitman novel for girls."  The cover art features  a pretty blond =
girl with a picture of a mermaid on an easel in front of her.  The =
mermaid looks like the girl.

Would you like to borrow it?
- -Jill

And I reply -

how odd.  This is by Philippa Pearce (author of Tom's Midnight Garden and
other great children's books that are not just for children.)  The blurb
from Baker & Taylor:

"In an exciting story first published in 1955, David and Adam discover
adventure while traveling the River Say aboard their canoe, Minnow, as they
search for long-lost treasure.

Two English boys, David and Adam, spend the summer canoeing on the River Say
and, with just an old riddle for a clue, try to find a treasure hidden along
its banks by one of Adam's ancestors."

And this matches my memory - Minnow was the name of the canoe, the Say was
the river, and it was a boy-adventure story.  I wonder where the girl and
the mermaid came from?


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