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Wed Nov 24 22:38:00 EST 2004

On Wed, Nov 24, 2004 at 06:39:40PM -0800, Ven wrote:
> <In the Chrestomanci books, people have multiple 
> lives when they only 
> exist in only one world.  Christopher has 9 
> lives, so there are no 
> other Christophers.  Julia and Roger, it would 
> seem, must also have 9 
> lives, because without a Christopher to father 
> them in other worlds, 
> how can they exist in more than one world?  I 
> didn't think they had 9 
> lives- do they?  Or does my bothersome idea have 
> a flaw?
> They definitely do not have 9 lives as that is 
> why Cat is brought ...
> to be the next Chrestomanci.  People with 9 lives
> are very unusual. As
> to how they exist in the other worlds without 
> Christopher to be the
> father, I suspect that is maybe just a bit of a 
> plot hole. However,
> I can certainly come up with some 
> rationalisations for it.>
> What I think is that to have nine lives it is not
> enough to have no analogues, what is needed is to
> have been one of nine analogues at birth, eight
> of which were stillborn or died shortly
> afterwards (I'm pretty sure that's stated in CL).
> This is very rare, firstly because each analogue
> is necessarily born from the matching analogue
> parents and they may not exist or if they exist
> not have gotten together in each of the worlds
> and secondly because it must be unusual for eight
> to die and one survive. 

This is a good point I had not considered. I know
that Janet comments how she had a baby brother who
died or something like that.  I like the rationalization
that merely having no analogues doesn't make you a 9-lived
enchanter, but having your analogues all die very soon
after birth does.  That would fit with it being extremely

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