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Welcome to the newly delurked Katie and Juliette

Katie Meyers wrote 
<If I had to choose a favorite DWJ book, I think 
it would be Hexwood.  I 
was wondering around what time that book was 
discussed here, so I could 
read what people have already written about it.>

Hi Katie, a lot of folk around here like Hexwood
so you're in god company. We've discussed it on
and off quite a bit, but there is a mega
discussion when we all tried to read it at the
same time. It moved me from the "It's kinda good
but I don't get it" category to the "Oh! I see!
Yes it is a damned fine book" one. Hopefully
someone more organised will be along with the url
in a minute. 

Katie asked

<In the Chrestomanci books, people have multiple 
lives when they only 
exist in only one world.  Christopher has 9 
lives, so there are no 
other Christophers.  Julia and Roger, it would 
seem, must also have 9 
lives, because without a Christopher to father 
them in other worlds, 
how can they exist in more than one world?  I 
didn't think they had 9 
lives- do they?  Or does my bothersome idea have 
a flaw?
They definitely do not have 9 lives as that is 
why Cat is brought ...
to be the next Chrestomanci.  People with 9 lives

are very unusual. As
to how they exist in the other worlds without 
Christopher to be the
father, I suspect that is maybe just a bit of a 
plot hole. However,
I can certainly come up with some 
rationalisations for it.>

What I think is that to have nine lives it is not
enough to have no analogues, what is needed is to
have been one of nine analogues at birth, eight
of which were stillborn or died shortly
afterwards (I'm pretty sure that's stated in CL).
This is very rare, firstly because each analogue
is necessarily born from the matching analogue
parents and they may not exist or if they exist
not have gotten together in each of the worlds
and secondly because it must be unusual for eight
to die and one survive. 

The birth of a Nine Lived Enchanter ought to be
one of the things that causes the worlds'
histories to diverge, as this unique individual
will work changes. Christopher Chant marries
someone from another world* and their children,
Roger and Julia, I believe, have no analogues so
their very existance changes things............
that's how I see it anyway.

Millie, whose analogues, if any, will not be able
to meet their own Christophers and thus may have
children with someone else.


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