Newbie question: ending of A Sudden Wild Magic

Kyla Tornheim kyla at
Wed Nov 24 07:48:08 EST 2004

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004, Juliette Curtis wrote:

> I've just joined the list after lurking for a while and I hope somebody
> can help me with the ending of A Sudden Wild Magic. Marcus says "Ort
> bake ow. Bad doubt." Whatever does he mean? I enjoyed the book a lot and
> it is rather frustrating to not understand the last comment in it! Can
> anybody translate?

a) welcome!
b) I am so glad you asked! Every time I read A Sudden Wild Magic, I, too,
am confused at the end, but I always forget to ask. The closest I can get
is that the first sentence could be "horse break house," because there are
all the centaurs galloping about trampling things.

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