dwj wiki spam

Kale lskale at ixaxis.net
Wed Nov 24 02:09:57 EST 2004

At 10:14 AM 11/22/2004 -0500, Allison wrote:
>The DWJ wiki
>which is a really nice resource of info on characters, locations, and
>books by DWJ has been hit hard by spammers lately.  If you ever use it
>or just want to preserve this compilation of knowledge, please stop in
>occasionally and check the Recent Changes page for edits that look like
>they're from spammers.  It's gotten to be quite a battle of back-n-forth
>between legitimate users and the nasties lately, and more on the
>"legitimate user" team would be really nice.

Oh, thanks for the notice.  Took a look and saw what you mean.  I
was worried about what to do if they deleted content in addition to
adding their spam, but it seems easy to go to the bottom of the
affected page, click on View Other Revisions, click View on one
of the legitimate revisions, go down to the bottom to Edit, and
save that page over the current one.


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