Julia and Roger's analogues

Allison Marles apm at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Nov 23 23:30:22 EST 2004

On Tue, Nov 23, 2004 at 11:04:38PM -0500, Katie Meyers wrote:
> 	In the Chrestomanci books, people have multiple lives when they only 
> exist in only one world.  Christopher has 9 lives, so there are no 
> other Christophers.  Julia and Roger, it would seem, must also have 9 
> lives, because without a Christopher to father them in other worlds, 
> how can they exist in more than one world?  I didn't think they had 9 
> lives- do they?  Or does my bothersome idea have a flaw?

They definitely do not have 9 lives as that is why Cat is brought ...
to be the next Chrestomanci.  People with 9 lives are very unusual. As
to how they exist in the other worlds without Christopher to be the
father, I suspect that is maybe just a bit of a plot hole. However,
I can certainly come up with some rationalisations for it.

Analogues of people in other worlds do not have the exact same lives nor
sometimes even particularly similar lives, so perhaps the idea is that
*who* you are is not determined by genetics alone and that the parents
of the analogues of Julia and Roger need not be the analogues of their
parents.  Interesting point which I had never considered before though.

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